Wednesday, 29 July 2009

eBay update

Hello -de Lu-

As some of you may know, I'm leaving my job in Dublin by the end of September and going back to Paris, to study. I just told my supervisors about it, which makes the whole thing looks even more real, now that they're waiting for my notice...

There is soooo much stuff I have stored up in two years, it is actually quite scary... I still don't know how I am going to manage moving them all over... Either by paying a carrier company or by moving things little by little, bag by bag ( 15kg by 15kg thanks Ryanair) while leaving stuff at my boyfriend's.

I hate thinking about it. The idea of leaving Dublin gives me as much pleasure as it freaks me out. I miss France but I also know I'm gonna hate it soon, for various reasons. Weird and mixed feelings.

As a result of that, I need to do a big clearout of my closet. I'm selling Vintage, second-hand and new stuff on eBay, here.

Comme certaines d'entre vous le savent déjà, je quitte mon job à Dublin fin septembre et rentre à Paris pour retourner à l'école. Je viens tout juste de l'apprendre à mes sups, ce qui rend la chose bien plus réelle maintenant qu'ils attendent ma lettre de démission...

J'ai entassé tellement de choses en deux ans que ça en devient flippant... Je ne sais toujours pas comment je vais pouvoir tout ramener en France...Soit par transporteur j'imagine, soit en le faisant petit à petit, bagage par bagage (15kgs par 15kgs merci Ryanair) et en laissant des choses chez mon irlandais. Je déteste y penser. Savoir que je quitte Dublin m'exite tout autant que ça m'angoisse. La France me manque mais je sais aussi que je vais la détester dans quelques mois, pour diverses raisons. Des sentiments bien partagés quoi.

C'est pourquoi j'ai besoin de faire le vide dans mon placard et me débarasser de ce que je ne porte plus, ou trop peu. Du Vintage, de l'occasion et du neuf sur eBay, ici .


  1. Oh, moving is such a drag! I think it might be cheapes sending your stuff through a moving company since flying back and forth moving things might cost a bit as well! Or maybe renting a car and drive to France with your stuff could be possible?
    I am probably moving to Israel at the end of the year and that is going to be terrible with all my stuff because of the distance!

  2. Ah I like the peter pan collar on that dress.

  3. @Ariella: I've considered all the options and yeah, you're right, moving things with the help of a carrier company is definitely the easiest way to do it and maybe the cheapest. When I arrived in Ireland two years ago, I had two full bags. Now it seems I have 10! Israel? that's lovely! what are you going to do there?? It's hard to leave things behind as you want to feel at home with your stuff when away from home... but I'm sure you know what's compulsory to take with you!

  4. @ Yiquin: yeah, it is indeed a very cute dress! a bit too small for me though... :-(
    I like your blog! I read that interview on the Clothes horse's blog a few days ago. Nice a you to come by!! lovely outfits by the way!!!!