Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Penneys..... ahhhhhh Penneys!!!!! I'm CRAZY about it!!!!

For those who know "Primark", the British chain store, "Penneys" is their trading name in the Republic of Ireland.

When I arrived in Dublin, it was the revelation. I was already quite a big shopper, but discovering this new shop just made my vice worse.

In some ways, I would compare it to H&M, for it's very affordable and trendy. But the thing is, it's actually cheaper than H&M, and offers much more merchandise.

The whole shop is divided in 4 departments - Ladies, Men's, Kids, and Home, where you can find absolutely everything:
Lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, hosiery, shoes, clothes, bags, purses, make-up, accessories, jewels, beauty products, household linen, interior decoration... the list goes on....

... and all that... for ridiculous prices!


cotton tote bags - 2 euros

vintage-like bags - 9 euros

the huuuuge shoe section

cute wedges - 20 euros

slippers - 2 euros

lovely dresses - floral : 21 euros - orange with bows : 19 euros

scarves - 4 euros

swimsuits - prices range from 4 to 9 euros

sunglasses - prices range from 1.50 to 3 euros

lingerie - bras : 6 euros - tutu thong : 3 euros / basque : 9 euros - thong with suspenders : 3 euros - bra : 6 euros

Home section - Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley canvas : 3 euros

I guess you can now understand why 1/4 of my paye goes to "Penneys"?
My mum still doesn't... but that's another story... :-)

I wish you all a good day!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

the Swing sisters

Everybody knows the Andrew Sisters eh??

They were a singing trio of close harmony consisting of sisters LaVerne Sophie Andrews, Maxene Angelyn Andrews , and Patricia Marie (a.k.a. Patty) Andrews, who had a huge success from the 30s, then through and after WW2 ...

At the time, these ladies represented the girls next door. They were seen as very accessible and friendly, but still had that glamourous image in which housewives could recognize themselves and which influenced them...and obviously, men would go crazy...

I am no specialist. But what I can say is that the Andrew Sisters had a huge impact in the history of music.

Take a look at the The Puppini sisters for example. A huge phenomenon since they appeared in 2003. Of course we've seen a revival of pin-up glamour and burlesque like never before seen, which may have helped. But how successful they are!!


My sister is a professional singer and has been so for 20 years now. Her influences and style come from Soul, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Bossa Nova, and French Music in general.

I've always been really proud of her, for God knows how hard and challenging making a living as a singer can be.

But she did it. she proved to have a real talent and a will, few people have. She didn't make it as a "star" for many reasons, choosing a family life being one, meeting nasty people being another.

But she loves her job and feels complete. What could be more important than Sanity and Happiness?

In late 2007, she founded the Swing sisters, among other projects.

She's not particularly into 40s music, but had always found close harmony vocal music really interesting.

Their show is set by now, choregraphies and rehearsals being finished.

They made a contribution to a French radio show in november 2008
( you may need to understand French though...)

And have started touring a month ago. Their last show was a charity Event held in Geneva, Switzerland.

you may want to check their myspace: www.myspace.com/swingsistersshow even though it's pretty poor, and needs loads of work and updates....

Je leur souhaite bonne et longue route....

OXFAM - Charity-shop online

It's hard to be consistent writing a blog, isn't it?

One thing I like about the UK or Ireland, is Charity shops.
When I arrived in Dublin, a year and a half ago, the whole concept was new to me. Indeed, in France, we have loads of car boot sales, flea markets and antiques shops, but nothing like Charity shops. People sell their own stuff for their own pockets. Fair enough!

I absolutely love the idea of giving garments or Bric-à-Brac in help of an association. For people like me, who cannot really afford to give some money every month for a great cause, it's a way of contributing materially. You're having a clear-out in your closet, people will be happy to buy some nice second-hand clothes at small prices, and the money goes directly to Charity. How simple is that! why don't we do that in France??

I myself work for a Charity Shop 2 hours a week. It's called Enable Ireland and its role is to support children and adults with disabilities. It is my way of doing something, of feeling helpful .
Plus I get to see what comes in first.... hihi :-)

A few weeks ago, I discovered the existence of an online Charity Shop : http://www.oxfam.co.uk/

the only thing that really bothers me is the fact that for the moment, they don't send outside of the UK. Crap. But at least, they're thinking about it...

I found some really really nice items that I'd like to share with you... I'm thinking of getting some myself, I just have to ask a friend who lives in London to take delivery of them and then send them on to me! pretty complicated you may think, but I think it can really be worthy...

N.B: prices are in British pounds.

Mickey Mouse mug - 2.99

Long blue and purple striped vintage style dress with 3/4 puffed sleeves - 19.99

Cream and lilac bow shoes - 8.99

Vintage romantic white maxi dress - 50

Crown Staffordshire England's Bouquet cake plate - ??

Vintage 1970s Origin blue Liberty print - 40

Glamorous green cotton dress with swallows - 9.99

Topshop pink and white stripe jacket, 50s inspired - 12.99

New and boxed set of four pink melamine ice cream bowls - 5.99

I really really like the green dress with the swallows.... as well as the white and pink striped jacket.... there are so many gorgeous things!!

So, if you're lucky enough to live in the UK (well, I think you then already know about Ofam.co.uk...) or have some friends/family there....splash out!!!!

In a few days I'll show you ny latest find from the charity shop in which I work .... my best bargain everI must say!!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

*She's Evil*..... La Petite Fabrik

I've got this amazing friend.... who's an Artist. Yeah, you heard it right : An Artist.

Her name is Virginie B and she's very talented.

Mostly inspired by Punk, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly music, as well as classic Pin ups that she reinvents, she draws her visions of the world in a black and sweet, creepy yet girly way...

From lovely Zombies to sexy bangs, Leopard frames to Polka dots backgrounds, Virginie.B's Art in painting and illustrating is just absolutely brrrrrrilliant.

But it doesn't stop here! As well as painting, drawing and sketching, Virginie.B makes lovely dolls, notebooks, badges....

Check http://www.virginie-b.com/ for more infos!!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Chapter One - Philosophie de Comptoir

I absolutely love reading blogs.... and that's maybe why I've eventually come to write one myself.
First of all - it may sound funny- reading blogs is for me an escape from my job. I'm working for a big american company, in a boring and repetitive role.
I am often really close from insanity when doing my job, sometimes on the verge of destroying everything around, my colleagues included. In this case, I simply go through my "favorites", pick up a blog and start reading it, even if I've already done so.

I know how silly that sounds. But you can't imagine how efficient that is.

I am starting a blog now, not that I have something very special to offer, like a great sense of Art, or the ultimate wardrobe to show.... I just think that it's a nice way of sharing, after all.

And I like the idea that what inspires me today often comes from blogs I read on a daily basis.

Fashion, decoration, lifestyle, movies, books, music...

I like the fact that, unlike other medias, you actually don't have to be under the influence of The Trend. You can choose what you want to see or read.

I really don't know if what I'm saying makes sense to you... :-) ... but English is my second language and I'm trying hard to convey a relevant message. I could write in French (maybe should?) but from my own experience, there's nothing more frustrating than reading a blog in a language you don't understand. And that's why I chose English.

phrase du jour: If something is written, isn't it to be read and understood?

First post ..... and already, from the last sentence, I sound like Carrie Bradshaw masturbating her brain with annoying and pointless sentences. In French we call it "Philosophie de comptoir".

Is her crappy reasoning really paying for her Manolo Blahniks?

One thing I'm sure of: Mine will definitely not pay for the Louboutins I'm dreaming of.... but who knows....with a little bit of luck, I may do my internship at Christian's....

As a reward for having read my painful first post, here's a link not to be missed:

What a poet.