Sunday, 29 March 2009

the Swing sisters

Everybody knows the Andrew Sisters eh??

They were a singing trio of close harmony consisting of sisters LaVerne Sophie Andrews, Maxene Angelyn Andrews , and Patricia Marie (a.k.a. Patty) Andrews, who had a huge success from the 30s, then through and after WW2 ...

At the time, these ladies represented the girls next door. They were seen as very accessible and friendly, but still had that glamourous image in which housewives could recognize themselves and which influenced them...and obviously, men would go crazy...

I am no specialist. But what I can say is that the Andrew Sisters had a huge impact in the history of music.

Take a look at the The Puppini sisters for example. A huge phenomenon since they appeared in 2003. Of course we've seen a revival of pin-up glamour and burlesque like never before seen, which may have helped. But how successful they are!!

My sister is a professional singer and has been so for 20 years now. Her influences and style come from Soul, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Bossa Nova, and French Music in general.

I've always been really proud of her, for God knows how hard and challenging making a living as a singer can be.

But she did it. she proved to have a real talent and a will, few people have. She didn't make it as a "star" for many reasons, choosing a family life being one, meeting nasty people being another.

But she loves her job and feels complete. What could be more important than Sanity and Happiness?

In late 2007, she founded the Swing sisters, among other projects.

She's not particularly into 40s music, but had always found close harmony vocal music really interesting.

Their show is set by now, choregraphies and rehearsals being finished.

They made a contribution to a French radio show in november 2008
( you may need to understand French though...)

And have started touring a month ago. Their last show was a charity Event held in Geneva, Switzerland.

you may want to check their myspace: even though it's pretty poor, and needs loads of work and updates....

Je leur souhaite bonne et longue route....


  1. Hello, and Congratulations on your blog! Thanks for adding me to your side bar. I've just had a look at your sister's site, and the group looks really interesting!

    Mademoiselle M.

  2. Thanks for a lovely comment! :-)
    you're very welcome, I love your blog and very much enjoy reading it - we have common interests and both live in an English-speaking country!
    hope we'll have the chance to talk more.
    take care++

  3. They have beautiful voices and the harmonies are tight! I love swing music from the 40s. Have they made it to the U.S. yet?