Saturday, 21 March 2009

*She's Evil*..... La Petite Fabrik

I've got this amazing friend.... who's an Artist. Yeah, you heard it right : An Artist.

Her name is Virginie B and she's very talented.

Mostly inspired by Punk, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly music, as well as classic Pin ups that she reinvents, she draws her visions of the world in a black and sweet, creepy yet girly way...

From lovely Zombies to sexy bangs, Leopard frames to Polka dots backgrounds, Virginie.B's Art in painting and illustrating is just absolutely brrrrrrilliant.

But it doesn't stop here! As well as painting, drawing and sketching, Virginie.B makes lovely dolls, notebooks, badges....

Check for more infos!!


  1. Wow what a cool friend to have :)

  2. Indeed :-))
    thanks for coming by Pattie!