Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Penneys..... ahhhhhh Penneys!!!!! I'm CRAZY about it!!!!

For those who know "Primark", the British chain store, "Penneys" is their trading name in the Republic of Ireland.

When I arrived in Dublin, it was the revelation. I was already quite a big shopper, but discovering this new shop just made my vice worse.

In some ways, I would compare it to H&M, for it's very affordable and trendy. But the thing is, it's actually cheaper than H&M, and offers much more merchandise.

The whole shop is divided in 4 departments - Ladies, Men's, Kids, and Home, where you can find absolutely everything:
Lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, hosiery, shoes, clothes, bags, purses, make-up, accessories, jewels, beauty products, household linen, interior decoration... the list goes on....

... and all that... for ridiculous prices!


cotton tote bags - 2 euros

vintage-like bags - 9 euros

the huuuuge shoe section

cute wedges - 20 euros

slippers - 2 euros

lovely dresses - floral : 21 euros - orange with bows : 19 euros

scarves - 4 euros

swimsuits - prices range from 4 to 9 euros

sunglasses - prices range from 1.50 to 3 euros

lingerie - bras : 6 euros - tutu thong : 3 euros / basque : 9 euros - thong with suspenders : 3 euros - bra : 6 euros

Home section - Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley canvas : 3 euros

I guess you can now understand why 1/4 of my paye goes to "Penneys"?
My mum still doesn't... but that's another story... :-)

I wish you all a good day!!


  1. I think I'd go crazy in this store, too! We've got Target, which is maybe similar (but with more departments), and JC Penneys (which is not at all like this Penneys!).

    I don't wear thongs, but I think I want the tutu thong!

  2. Hey Tikimama!! you're right, Target is very interesting! had a look at the dresses, and from the 1st page, had already found one that I liked!! damn me!
    ahahaha, yeah the tutu thong looks great!! you would almost like to show it off... burlesque night??