Sunday, 29 March 2009

OXFAM - Charity-shop online

It's hard to be consistent writing a blog, isn't it?

One thing I like about the UK or Ireland, is Charity shops.
When I arrived in Dublin, a year and a half ago, the whole concept was new to me. Indeed, in France, we have loads of car boot sales, flea markets and antiques shops, but nothing like Charity shops. People sell their own stuff for their own pockets. Fair enough!

I absolutely love the idea of giving garments or Bric-à-Brac in help of an association. For people like me, who cannot really afford to give some money every month for a great cause, it's a way of contributing materially. You're having a clear-out in your closet, people will be happy to buy some nice second-hand clothes at small prices, and the money goes directly to Charity. How simple is that! why don't we do that in France??

I myself work for a Charity Shop 2 hours a week. It's called Enable Ireland and its role is to support children and adults with disabilities. It is my way of doing something, of feeling helpful .
Plus I get to see what comes in first.... hihi :-)

A few weeks ago, I discovered the existence of an online Charity Shop :

the only thing that really bothers me is the fact that for the moment, they don't send outside of the UK. Crap. But at least, they're thinking about it...

I found some really really nice items that I'd like to share with you... I'm thinking of getting some myself, I just have to ask a friend who lives in London to take delivery of them and then send them on to me! pretty complicated you may think, but I think it can really be worthy...

N.B: prices are in British pounds.

Mickey Mouse mug - 2.99

Long blue and purple striped vintage style dress with 3/4 puffed sleeves - 19.99

Cream and lilac bow shoes - 8.99

Vintage romantic white maxi dress - 50

Crown Staffordshire England's Bouquet cake plate - ??

Vintage 1970s Origin blue Liberty print - 40

Glamorous green cotton dress with swallows - 9.99

Topshop pink and white stripe jacket, 50s inspired - 12.99

New and boxed set of four pink melamine ice cream bowls - 5.99

I really really like the green dress with the swallows.... as well as the white and pink striped jacket.... there are so many gorgeous things!!

So, if you're lucky enough to live in the UK (well, I think you then already know about or have some friends/family there....splash out!!!!

In a few days I'll show you ny latest find from the charity shop in which I work .... my best bargain everI must say!!!

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