Friday, 20 March 2009

Chapter One - Philosophie de Comptoir

I absolutely love reading blogs.... and that's maybe why I've eventually come to write one myself.
First of all - it may sound funny- reading blogs is for me an escape from my job. I'm working for a big american company, in a boring and repetitive role.
I am often really close from insanity when doing my job, sometimes on the verge of destroying everything around, my colleagues included. In this case, I simply go through my "favorites", pick up a blog and start reading it, even if I've already done so.

I know how silly that sounds. But you can't imagine how efficient that is.

I am starting a blog now, not that I have something very special to offer, like a great sense of Art, or the ultimate wardrobe to show.... I just think that it's a nice way of sharing, after all.

And I like the idea that what inspires me today often comes from blogs I read on a daily basis.

Fashion, decoration, lifestyle, movies, books, music...

I like the fact that, unlike other medias, you actually don't have to be under the influence of The Trend. You can choose what you want to see or read.

I really don't know if what I'm saying makes sense to you... :-) ... but English is my second language and I'm trying hard to convey a relevant message. I could write in French (maybe should?) but from my own experience, there's nothing more frustrating than reading a blog in a language you don't understand. And that's why I chose English.

phrase du jour: If something is written, isn't it to be read and understood?

First post ..... and already, from the last sentence, I sound like Carrie Bradshaw masturbating her brain with annoying and pointless sentences. In French we call it "Philosophie de comptoir".

Is her crappy reasoning really paying for her Manolo Blahniks?

One thing I'm sure of: Mine will definitely not pay for the Louboutins I'm dreaming of.... but who knows....with a little bit of luck, I may do my internship at Christian's....

As a reward for having read my painful first post, here's a link not to be missed:

What a poet.


  1. "...masturbating her brain..." - that is too damn funny!

    Your English is excellent, and I know many readers will appreciate it. Je suis americaine et un petit peu francophone, et une vraie francophile. Je ne sais pas comment ecrire en mode current "blog" ou "email" en francais. Evidemment, je ne sais plus utiliser les accents par "keyboard"!

  2. I just posted on my blog about you and your friend virginie b. Check it out and see if you like!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to reading more.