Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Chat-riti shop

A lovely 3-piece frame for 2 euros

I really doubt it's vintage... but it was cute anyway!

An Infant Jesus of Prague statue - in pretty poor condition- for 4.50 euros

I absolutely LOVE Religious icons and statues...
Some of my friends think I'm a weirdo for collecting them, but I really can't help it, I have to have them all!

A few months ago, I saw in the window of my favorite charity shop, a nice and tall statue of the Virgin Mary.
Mint condition, bright colors, soft features on her face.... she was SO perfect!
I entered and asked for the price (40 euros) , but then the lady told me it wasn't on sale until the next friday morning, 9am... I know these icons are really sought after and so I had to decide on how I could manage to get my hand on it the D day!

Actually on that very friday well, I had to give a class at 9am... The only way for me to own the precious (Am I allowed to talk about her like that?!) was to ask my man to do something for me... like arriving late in work just to get it...
And adorable as he is.... he did it.
He nearly had an argument with a guy who also wanted it but grabed it so quickly and hold on to it so ferociously in the shop nobody could have ever put a finger on it...

Now Mary has a pride of place in front of the window- and I can't get enough of her... unlike my man.


  1. Tu t'entendrais bien avec Oriane (de Chic'n'kitsch). Elle aussi adore les objets religieux! Moi ça dépend lesquels... (je t'ai taguée au fait!)

  2. You have quite a man there! It's rare a man would agree to do this type of errand, much less understand WHY you are even asking in the first place!

    Mary looks quite lovely and peaceful at your window!

  3. Cynthia: Oui, j'aime beaucoup son petit autel Kitsch d'ailleurs! Je suis sûre qu'à nous deux, on a une belle collection... on pourrait peut-être meme en remplir une petite Eglise!
    AHHHH "jaysus" tu m'as taguée et je suis fière comme Artaban!! :-D Merci Cynthia, j'apprécie sincèrement et je vais m'y mettre dès aujourdhui.... mais pas facile hein de trier les 5 choses les plus importantes parmi ses affaires...

  4. Tikimama: Ohhh yes I am lucky!! The craziest thing is that it seems I actually had to come all the way from France to Ireland to find Him...
    As an Irish citizen, he was raised in a very religious family. His parents had put up a huuuge image of Jesus Christ above his bed, that traumatized him until he was 8, when it was eventually removed ....
    So yeah definitely, even though he hates icons and stuff, he's willing to help me...
    he's a "perle rare" as we call them is French... :-)

  5. j'adore les trois petits cadres! ils sont magnifiques!

  6. j'adore les trois petits cadres! ils sont magnifiques!

  7. Anne-charlotte: En effet, j'ai pas pu resister!! très heureuse que tu sois passée visiter mon blog, j'aime beaucoup le tien!!++