Friday, 10 April 2009

The Tassel Club

I've been working for a Dublin based Burlesque club since I arrived in Ireland, a year and a half ago.

Photo shoot for the December 2007 poster

The Tassel Club was the very first Burlesque show in Ireland when Sara Colohan, its producer, founded it in September 2003. It "showcases (...) unique acts including a Can Can troupe, contortionists and vintage burlesque striptease performers along with bands, singers and comedians".

Me, usheretting for the last show on Valentine's day 2009.

My duties as an usherette are to welcome guests, sell some merchandise such as cigars, nipple tassels, garters, false eyelashes, interact with people and... be pretty and glamorous. It may sound vain, but believe me, it's what we're all asked to do. Be nice and sexy. But certainly not vulgar!

The Tassel Club motto being: It's all about the tease... not the sleaze...

Last summer, Sara asked some of us if we would be interested in performing as CanCan dancers for the show. She needed a new group of dancers to bring more variety into the show.
I am far from being a professional dancer, but has danced for pleasure since I was little. I was over the moon when she offered us to perform for the club!
3 friends and I got involved in it. It was great fun with the girls, and in the end, quite of a workout as well!

We evnetually performed for the august show. It was my very first time on stage as a performer, and I was soooooo nervous!! But I put a smile upon my face and pretended (because yeah, on stage that evening, I was pretending) to have a brilliant time... And it's only when the music finished that I could enjoy what I had just done!

I am back to my Usherette duties now.... but would love to do it again!!

Here's a video from Irish TV about the Tassel Club:

If you're interested in knowing a bit more, or look at the pics, or again if you're a performer:

tassle and sparkle!


  1. You must have a very glam job! And you look amazing...! Hope that you get to dance again some time soon!

    Have a lovely Easter Monday!

  2. Thank you! :-) I'm loving it too... Is there any Burlesque Club/show near Durham?
    take care

  3. Hello there gorgeous Kat!! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Thanks for all the lovely comments about The Tassel Club Cirque du Cabaret. You are a stunningly gorgeous Usherette and a joy to work with. Hope to see you soon, Sara xx