Friday, 10 April 2009

"There will be Beauty"

Photographs by Michael Roberts for Vanity Fair. (May 2009 issue)

I'm in love with these pictures.....
They remind me of Coppola's "Marie-Antoinette" aesthetic that I adore - young, fresh, pastel, delicate, precious...

Emily Blunt is just amazingly beautiful... she's got a very soft face and yet strong features.

I went to see "The young Victoria" movie a week ago and It was really good. If you ever get the time/chance : go see it!

Have a good friday!

Could someone please tell me how could I upload personal pictures in biiiiiig size?
Indeed, when pics come from the internet and the URL is pasted I can have great result in size, but never when it comes to my own pics.... :-(


  1. Oh my, they are just stunning! Especially the blue dress, very regal!

    Mlle M.


  2. I know! They're absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I sometimes wish I had an occasion to wear one of those... Maybe I should go to one of the Austrian balls :-)