Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Lazy Sunday...

Today, I was off work....HOORAY!!

I am supposed to be working on Sundays, but as we had some friends over for dinner last night, and I knew we would definitely not go to bed early, I decided not to take a chance on my physical and mental state for the day after, and asked for a day off.

I first woke up at about 9.30am, feeling peckish. I had a nice breakfast watching some morning crap* on TV and then decided to go back to bed, in order to read quietly. I actually went back to sleep, till 12.30am... long time since it happened to me!

We then decided to go to the National Botanic Gardens, which are only a 10-minute walk away from home. Although the sun was shining all morning, the weather was quite chilly, but still ok to go out with a light jacket on.

The walk in the park was lovely and very relaxing. I was so happy to be out :-)
We saw some cute squirrels, and one nearly came up to me, until my boyfriend scared him... I wasn't impressed!!

On the way back into town, I saw that gorgeous Triumph car.... no need to tell I fell in love the moment I saw it....

Once we arrived in town, we had lunch in a small café... with seating for only 15! I especially like the atmopshere of the place, and the decoration. The food wasn't amazing I must say, but at least we were off the touristic places...

Now it's time for watching the new season of "The Tudors".... Have a good Monday!!!


  1. Oh! On te voit! C'est la première fois je crois...
    Ce jardin à l'air trop joli. J'adore la serre. J'adore la voiture aussi!
    Au fait, je n'avais pas vu ton message pour la robe. C'est très gentil! Mais je vais décliner l'offre, j'ai déjà une robe qui ressemble un peu à celle-ci. Mais merci ;)

  2. Oui, j'osais pas trop avant et puis apres je me suis dit: tant qu'à faire un blog, autant se montrer! Je t'en prie pour la robe... Hesite pas en tout cas, des fois que tu cherches un gilet en grosse laine de mouton du Connemara....
    :-) facile d'en trouver ici hihi