Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thursday finds

I'm feeling quite guilty right now I must say.... but also quite content!

Yesterday, I found a pair of really nice Zara heels in a charity shop, for 6 euros! the shop is called "friends of the Elderly" and.... well, you could actually tell by the look of the shop and what was in it...
The ladies volunteering there were lovely and almost as excited as I was at the sight of these lovely shoes!

As you can see, I took some time to paint my nails for honoring them as I should!

In Penneys again I was helpless...

I got two dresses that were 3 euros each on sale, instead of 15 each. Funny how I had seen them for weeks on sale without noticing them properly! But I made up for the insult... obviously :-)

they're made of super-soft cotton making them super comfy - I love the cream lace on the breast!

Also on sale, this cute raspberry-colour cardigan that I got for 3 euros instead of 7.

Basic but cute, we always need one over a nice floral or black dress, don't we?

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures I take... I wish I was a better photographer!



  1. J'aime beaucoup ta robe à dentelle que tu as prise en double! Pour le prix, tu as bien fait!

  2. Merci!! j'en porte une aujourd'hui au travail... je fais ma crâneuse :-)

  3. Wahou j'aime beaucoup ces robes avec la dentelle ! Tu me fais envie avec toutes tes trouvailles !

  4. Did you wear the dress with a belt? Just curious.... They are all so pretty, and I can't believe the prices! Those shoes are hot!

    Comment dit-on "je fais ma craneuse" en anglais?

  5. Merci "iokshop"! je suis ton blog "it's oh so Kawai" depuis un bout de tps, je suis heureuse de savoir que tu apprecies mes trouvailles! :-)
    Merci pour ton gentil comm'

    Tikimama: I actually didn't wear it with a belt, yesterday. I put the elastic just under my breast so that it could give the dress more of an "Empire" shape. Do you say that in English? not too sure now...
    I'll think the black one needs to get a little bit of air as well, so I'll try it on a lovely belt, see how it looks... :-)

    mmm... "faire sa crâneuse" is English would be "to be a bighead", though "crâneuse" is definitely more a childish expression than a slang adj....
    yeah, yeah, I was showing off in work!! wooooo