Saturday, 18 April 2009

Friday night

First, I must apologize for the very poor quality of the last post. I was hoping to show beautiful extra large pictures, and in the end, they just go messy, and you can only see half of them, unless you click on them, which is crap, I agree...
If anyone here could help me with this issue, I'll be more than happy!!

Here you can happily discover one of my so many vices...

Yesterday night, Me and me Irish went out to celebrate one of my colleague/friend's birthday in a place called The church. It's a magnificent place that used to be ..... a church, right. They kept most of its features, the huge organ included.

It's really beautiful and again, if you come over to Dublin, you must go and have a drink there.
It's a bit more pricey compared to other pubs, but nothing too ridiculous. It also has a huge restaurant and a glass tower (yeah!) in front of the building. And a club, which is quite bad, but still fun if you're among friends, of course.

On the way in, I again saw a Dream car!! here I am trying to show how well it would go with my outfit... yeah, you gotta think about that as well!! accessories girls, accessories!!

We stayed there till it closed, i.e 2.30am (early granny...) then had a last drink at my friend's. Eventually went to bed at 4.30am, and had to wake up at 7am to go to work, which obviously didn't work, as I didn't hear the alarm clock.... whatever... it's Saturday....

Coat, jacket, bag, bow - Penneys
jeans - Topshop
Black shirt & belt- River Island
Red heels - Dunnes

I'm pretty wrecked tonight, so I think I'm just gonna chill out on the couch, watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" that my boyfriend kindly bought for me.

Have a nice weekend me beauties!!


  1. Roh j'en avais loupé des trucs... Ton blog est très vivant c'est cool! Cet endroit : "the church" a l'air incroyable.

  2. The Volvo Amazon is one of my dream cars too!
    My grandma had one in the 1960's.