Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Give me FIVE!

I have been tagged by one of my favorite blogger, Cynthia from Tapouillon and I am really proud... for that girl, she definitely knows about Style, and has a great sense of Fashion!

The aim of this tag is to tell about the five fashion-related garments or accessories you couldn't live without, or would never EVER throw away. The kind of stuff you're so attached to, you could actually kill if anyone was to come too close from it.... :-) That's Cynthia's approach by the way... hihi

First, I'll have to start with one garment I love to death...
It's a stunning dress made of sequins with a very low back. It's quite short and sparkly so obviously, I cannot wear it that often... but give me a Burlesque night, and I'll show it off!

Comes second.... The "Madame" coat, as I like to call it...
The French ladies who may read me wouldn't believe it if I say this beauty comes from.... Pimkie!! (cheap teen style clothing shop)
The crazy story about it is that I had first seen it (and fallen in love with it) in the shops in Paris where the price (100 euros) put me off straight away... No way I was going to give 100 euros for a coat to Pimkie... 3 months later though, I'm having a quick uninterested look in a small Pimkie shop at the end of the Sale period, when only the ugly unwanted stuff remain and there...... in my size.... the only one left.... at 23 euros!! I was jumping like a fool in the shop :-)

It's a woolen coat with a great faux fur hood. Call me Grey riding hood!

In third position, my beloved Swedish best-friend : the black cotton Perfecto jacket from H&M.
I've had it for aaages and it's still in immaculate condition.
It has the most perfect shape and goes with everything. Either with a very girly outfit to dress it down, or with a plain pair of jeans and converse for the Rockabilly look I love. I love it in every way!

Fourth... my Elvis bag! I'm a huge fan of The King :-)
I wanted to buy that bag 2 years ago when in France on a German Rockabilly clothing website but it was sold out... I eventually found it in a Dublin shop called "Sabotage" (which I highly recommend if you ever visit the city).

And finally, the fifth item...
THE pair of killer heels I just can't stop admiring and wearing. Warm colors and a crazy height that gives delicious endless legs... not for the faint-hearted though!

It is now my turn to tag... And I hope these two ladies will gladly answer my call :-)

Mademoiselle Miranda - http://madeleinemiranda.wordpress.com/


Tikimama - http://atomicteaparty.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh no! I hope I have enough style to pull this off! I'll give it some thought, then give it my best shot! :)

  2. La robe me laisse sans voix. Ton manteau Pimkie à l'air vraiment joli et le fait de l'avoir trouvé à ce prix lui donne encore plus de valeur à tes yeux, non? Moi ça me fait cet effet. Quand je trouve une belle pièce et que je ne la paie pas cher, je suis encore plus heureuse de ma trouvaille! Et j'y suis particulièrement attachée. Sinon, je ne savais pas que tu avais ce petit côté rockabilly. J'adore!

  3. Ton Madame coat... Trop beau! Et j'adore la tenue avec, et trop chouette le sac Elvis.. Biz!

  4. Hello! Oh yes, what a good idea! I'll try and think up a post for sometime next week... Thanks for tagging me!!!


  5. haaannn le manteau PImkie est magnifique!!!! j'en veux un comme ça exactement!

  6. Tikimama: Oh come on! it's not just about style, it's about the things you cherish dearly... no need for you to think about them too long I'm sure :-)

    Cynthia: c'est excatement ca! c'est super excitant de trouver une perle rare à un prix dérisoire, et j'en arrive parfois même à être super fière de moi, même si y'a pas toujours de quoi, vraiment... :-) J'affectionne particulièrement le style Rockab', les nanas en robe léopard par ex, sexy sans être vulgaires! et puis la musique... ah la musique...

    Elsa: Merci pour ton gentil comm' :-)

    Madeleinemiranda : you're very welcome! Can't wait to see that!!

    Mybrouhaha: Je sais, c'est pas POSSIBLE qu'il vienne de chez Pimkie celui-là!!! Check eBay, ou chez Carolinedaily, on sait jamais!!

  7. Je m'occupe du tag la semaine prochaine!