Wednesday, 22 April 2009

taking it easy...

I'm off work for 3 days since yesterday and I'm really really lucky, as the sun keeps on shining in Dublin, which, as you've heard I'm sure, is quite rare...

Went to Phoenix Park, which is only a 15-minute walk from home. I was wearing sandals for the 1st time of the year... hooray for my toes!!

It was warm and quiet, perfect for what I had intended to do, that is reading... I didn't get the time and chance to open a book in 2 months, so I really needed to get back into it.

"The Reader" is a book by Bernhard Schlink that's been adapted for the cinema a few months ago. I was deeply moved when I saw it on screen and... couldn't help crying at the end...
It's a beautiful love story set against a background of post WW2 and the trials of nazi criminals. Brilliant.

On my way back home, there were some really nice houses and colored doors...which are the "trademark" of Dublin...

when I arrived home.... a surprise was waiting for me in the mail box!
A vintage tapestry gladstone bag I found on magic eBay for £6! I'm in love with it!!

today the weather is great again :-) I'm gonna try and go for a run... and then do what I'm best at : chilling out in the sun!


  1. Oh, I love those pictures! Maked me wanna go back to Ireland NOW..

    Wonderful find in that bag you got.

  2. Salut!
    J'ai cru comprendre que tu étais française donc comme ça je me foule pas trop en anglais c'est bien:)
    Je suis en train de visiter ton blog et le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est qu'il est riche! Ouaou! tous ces looks! j'adore!
    (en plus il me fait travailler mon anglais!)

  3. Miss Wink: thanks!! yeah Dublin is lovely (except for the sh*t weather) and you very quickly get attached to it... I'm gonna miss it next year :-(

    Eve.G: trop cool que tu sois passée sur mon blog! j'adore le tien, il me fait bien marrer :-) Merci pour ton gentil comm', welcome back anytime!! et ces "Louboutin" de la mort qui tuent... tu les as ou pas!!!!???

  4. Hi hi on dirait le sac de Mary Poppins il est trop joli.

  5. Superbe trouvaille! Je suis fan des sacs en tapisserie ;)